What Makes the Grand Canyon a Great Place to Visit

The Grand Canyon is a great place to visit and for tourists, it is probably the most iconic natural park in America. Despite having a limited number of wildlife species and plants, it is still a beautiful place worth visiting but beauty alone is not the only reason why the Grand Canyon is such an amazing tourist destination.

What is amazing about the Grand Canyon is that it took millions of years to reach the current state. Erosion from the Colorado River shaped the canyon.

The Grand Canyon is also extremely large. It spans over 1,904 square miles. Even if not all of it is open to the public, there is still a great amount of land to cover. The best way to visit the open areas is hiking but there are also special amenities as well as campsites for the ones that wish to spend the night in the canyon. Also, entering the Grand Canyon with a car is allowed but there is an entrance fee that needs to be paid.

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